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This file was created by Wes Bender in order to get all the routes, including new development in the area since the latest totally out of date guide book, together in one place.
This file contain Ice and Mixed climbs only. If someone wants to spend the time to create a rock climbing map I would gladly post it here if they send it to Wes Bender.

Thunder Bay Regional Ice Climbs

Update History


  • Added Stiff Nipples and The Highlander


  • Added 3 new mixed lines in Orient Bay


  • Added more routes to the Thunder Bay area
  • Added more routes South and West of Thunder Bay


  • Added more routes to Kama Bay
  • Added more routes to Orient Bay


  • Added more routes to Kama Bay


  • Added The Fishery
  • Added Stewart Lake Climbs
  • Added New Route in Ice Station Superior by Paul Berger
  • Added New Route in Kama Bay by Dave Rone
  • Added Orient Bay parking areas
  • Added O.B.E.E.K location

Base Map


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Quotable Quotes

What fascinates me about it [climbing?] is the weird confluence of the desire for self-improvement with what seems to be deep-set sadomasochistic tendencies. It’s torture when you do it, and then you look forward to going back.

 ~Gary Taubes